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Anónimo: I saw your question in the APH Prussia tag, about what Hima said, in reference to PruHun. As far as I know, the only thing he said about it, really, was in a list of Prussia facts, he mentioned that Prussia dislikes Hungary. For the most part, tho, Hima doesn't talk about ships. I think it was just a character analysis. Obviously Prussia and Hungary fight, but shipping what you want, and what makes you happy, is all that matters. :)


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Ehmm well… Some time ago since I updated D’: … changos! The reason why I am somewhat inactive is because I have to study study and study…Ahhh ~

¿In other thing, someone of you know something about Himaruya said something about pruhun?. Because I read somewhere that confirmed that pruhun is NOT canon( well obviously is not canon, but the fact that I care is that he say it)

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